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EDGE 12 Narrow with Diffuser Gas Lens 920 Narrow (choose Diffuser size 1/16 or 3/32 or 1/8)

The new exclusive EDGE 12 Narrow with Diffuser is a great option for roll cages, exhaust systems or anything where there is a tight angled tubing coming together.  The nice thing about the Narrow is you can focus the gas on tight welds where you want it, instead of flooding the entire area.

PART# GL920-P12ND 


Important: Must be used with the GL920-A, GL920-PV6 or GL920-Pkit.

The EDGE Narrow Series can also be used with your 17,18, 26 torch by using the EDGE Conversion Combo

EDGE 12 Narrow with Diffuser

  • WEIGHT.02 lbs

    DIMENSIONS.5 × .5 × 1 in


    DIFFUSER SIZE EDGE #12 Narrow with Diffuser 1/16, EDGE #12 Narrow with Diffuser 3/32, EDGE #12 Narrow with Diffuser 1/8

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